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Welcome to Toy Kitchen UK

Growing up during the 80's who can forget the iconic advert for the A La Carte kitchen, with the little girl making swiss roll on beans for her sleeping daddy.

Well even in these days of 24 hour children's tv and Nintendo Wii's the toy kitchen is still a major draw for kids. Little boys and girls are still as enthralled as ever, and love copying mummy and daddy by making the food for the family.

Toy Kitchens have really moved on from what you might remember, no longer do you have to add your own sound affects for sizzling sausages and a whistling kettle - many kitchens now have sound chips built in that will do this for you. Some even have realistic red hot hobs and even water coming out of the tap.

It's not all about just fun either, your children are learning many valuable lessons from playing with their kitchen. Finding out about different types of food, using their imagination to think up all their menus and maybe writing them down, even teaching maths and money if items are bought from a pretend shop before being prepared, and learning co-operation and sharing as the toy kitchen is a great place for groups of kids to gather round and get stuck in.

Toy kitchens are one of the few toys that break down the gender barrier too as both boys and girls love them equally, and will both enjoy honing their culinary talents.

Whether you choose a basic model or top of the range kitchen you child is guaranteed to have hours of fun with toy and continue playing with it throughout their childhood.

Watch out Masterchef - here they come!